About Us


Soon I'll tell you a bit more about me and the vision I have for Ribbons and Crafts.

For the time being I can say that I feel lucky.

Lucky to be able to work with, and offer such great ribbons - Yes, I do love the stuff I sell (otherwise it wouldn't work, believe me).

Lucky to be able to combine work and crafting.

Lucky that after more than 10 years of "Corporate World" I get the chance to put all my experience into my own venture and learn many new things on top.

Lucky that I'm not alone but have some talented and experienced people who help and support me. That's why I speak in "we"-form on these pages most of the time.

If you like to know a bit more, you can have a look at my blog under www.ohmybag.blogspot.com or visit www.caughtcrafting.typepad.com where I regularly write about materials and techniques I come across, designers who's work I admire and craft shops that are simply too good to miss..


Bye for now!,